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Sarah F.3.31.2014

Best dairy restaurant in Brooklyn! Great ambiance friendly staff and awesome food. Priced on the expensive side but a great place to visit the once a month I'm in Boro Park!

Ron J.3.21.2014

By far the best dairy kosher restaurant in Brooklyn ! I went there on my wife's birthday and we got superb service and the food was really good ;) We ordered the tilapia and the sea bass fish and it was the best one we ate in the last few years , will defiantly come back !

Danny K.12.23.2013

If there would be a ten star rating this Orchidea would get it. We just made a Sheva Brochos for 60 people and from the food to the service was first class. Ofer, went out of his way to fulfill everyone's request. 10 Stars!

Hannah K.11.20.2013

By far the best kosher milky restaurant in Brooklyn. Delicious food alway presented at the highest level. The service and ambiance is top notch! Yes it isn't cheap but you do get what you pay for at orchedea!

Yossi S.10.27.2013

The FOOD was delicious...They give very generous portions. The servive was outstanding...very polite,friendly and caring. The owner came over before and after to make sure that we all are satisfied.... Definite will return there.....

Jaclyn M.9.4.2013

Great service, good food and nice atmosphere. A bit on the pricey side, but perfect for a special occasion!

Sara Y.5.31.2010

I was just there tonight with my parents and my boyfriend. I had heard nice things about the place, but I was completely blown away. It is not cheap, but definitely worth the price.

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Worth a trip from anywhere! Let me start out by saying that my husband is no fan of dairy food or fish. To add to the drama, my daughter only eats gluten-free food. When we arrived at Orchidea, the place was spotless, (icky restaurants are a big no-no for us) and beautifully appointed. We were literally welcomed by whom we believed to be the owner, as though we were her children. We were seated immediately and, when we explained our dietary needs they didn't bat an eyelash. They offered us so many gluten-free options (amazing! Hardly any restaurants offer that! 2 Choices of Gluten free soups! Eggplant parmesan! Fish! you name it, they were ready to make it.) and they took the time to explain to us exactly how they were making the food, so that there would be no cross-contamination! They even went as far as showing us the ingredients they were going to use prior to making the dishes we chose for her, to see if it met with our needs. To us, that kind of personal care is priceless. But the most important part of any review is about the actual food. In a word; Heavenly. Presentation? Gorgeous! Fish? Cooked just the right amount of time and flavored deliciously. Pastas? Terrific! Sushi? Wow! Service? Unmatched! Even my husband, who's a dairy and fish skeptic by choice, loved the appetizers, the sushi and especially loved his Fettuccine Alfredo. We actually walked out of there making plans to return (which we rarely do, as we enjoy adventure rather than 'the usual') If you've never eaten there, take the time to visit them. You won't regret it! Thank you, Orchidea! You rock!


gourmet dining at its finest This review is a little late however it must be said. I had to arrange a double birthday party within a limited time frame. It was my mothers 50th bday and a belated one for my uncle. We had to arrange for him to arrive via access a ride since he has a wheel chair. The staff was very accomedating and a table was arranged for us. It was a little claustrophobic but to be fair it was a Sunday evening and I did it last minute. My uncle was spoon of the cream of mushroom soup and he was in heaven. I've never seen him so happy. We had about 5 plus people in my party. My mother ordered the mozzarella sticks as an appetizer the rest of us had the cream of mushroom soup. For the main course we had the sea bass and for the finally we had a dessert pupuplatter with a mini sparkler for added affect. The presentation and quality of the food was top notch. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a upscale dinery. I was concernd i might have needed a club membeship card. all the food was made superb and made fresh. I hope to do this again next year, although to be fair I'll let them know well in advance!


Excellent, white glove, service. I was all set to fall madly in love with this place. After reading glowing reviews, i decided to treat my boyfriend to dinner here to commemmorate a yartzheit. To start, the service was far greater than I expected. Tables were elegantly set, water glasses were promptly refilled. Additionsl bread was brought when requested. I ordered the cream of mushroom soup and pasta primavera with added grilled tuna. My companion had lemon sole with a side of baked potato and some interesting but unidentified vegetable on the side presented in what I think was a fluted potato chip or tortilla cup. Striking presentation. My bf ate every drop and even finished off half of my soup and pasta. The soup was perfction in a bowl, smooth, creamy, rich, while my pasta, though flavorful, was not the greatest I've had. There were several birthday parties tonight so the noise level was high, and several little girls were vocally unhappy when the waiters stopped them from playing with the strands of beads suspended from the ceiling along the front of the dining room. All in all i'd say that it was a very good experience, if a bit pricey. But the occasion warranted it, and I will definitely return to try some of theur other offerings. While I can't say I fell in love with the place, I can honestly say I did enjoy it.


Excellent We had a super experience last night when we celebrated my mom's 50th birthday at Orchidea. Ofer, the manager was totally involved and helped us personalize the event and make sure it stayed a surprise until the very end! The food was delicious, service was excellent. It did take a while until it got to us, but it was worth the wait.


best of the best this review is beyond overdue. i've been wanting to write it for the last several months but anyone who's had a colic baby would understand. my experience with orchidea was better than perfect. the owner made me a party that was more beautiful than i could have dreamed it. i had been in the hospital for almost a week and was only able to plan the party via phone. not only did he give me everything that i asked for but he also went out of his way to make me personalized photo favors and decorations i wouldn't have thought of on my own. he reassured me when i had bigger things to worry about at the hospital and executed every one of my wishes and then some. i originally chose orchidea for its beautiful ambiance and incredible food but when i walked into the restaurant that morning, i was blown away. everything was just so beautiful. needless to say, the bris went off without a hitch, the food was delicious and so many of my guests told me they'd never attended a nicer bris in their lives. thank you, ofer...for everything. i'll never forget your kindness, your impeccable taste and i can't wait to work with you again.


service great restaurant..excellent fresh food..the waiters are very helpful..if you go, ask for Leon, he will make your night so much fun...cant wait to go back..


Delicious! The food was great! No complaints about that! The thing is they took a long time to bring the food out. But I gotta tell you, it was worth the wait!


Great food!! My husband and I love Orchidea and come here often. The service is superb, the food amazing and the atmosphere is fantastic!! I highly recommend this restaurant!


Excellent romantic place delicious food and exceptional service. Very nice romantic place! Love it every time we go

Mayer and Malki Sinensky1.17.2011

A Kosher Gem We have had many delightful opportunities to experience the wonderful cuisine at Orchidea over the last few months. The incredible experience is not limited to the food, but extends to the great ambiance in the restaurant, a courteous, knowledgeable and professional staff, topped only by the incredible warmth and hospitality of the owners Mazal and Ofir. "Service with a smile" is an understatement. Additionally we were privileged to have Mazal and staff cater a Bat-Mitzvah and Wedding reception for us. From initial planning to execution everything ran smoothly. The food not only tastes great but is beautifully presented. The only difficulty we had was trying to pick items from the vast, yummy menu. With so many great items to consider, it was hard not to choose them all. Orchidea is a dairy restaurant that will appeal to everyone, even if you don't keep kosher give this place a try, you will love it!

Kosher Foodie7.30.2010

A great addition to the kosher food community My boyfriend and I went there with my parents back in June for their anniversary. We wanted something kosher and they wanted something good. I wanted to take them to a high end place to celebrate. I had heard good things about Orchidea. We bought a gift certificate and set about on our way. The space is beautiful. The presentation of the food is awesome. Top notch white glove service all around. A great place for a date night. The prices were comparable to any high end non-kosher fish house in Manhattan and the taste and service were there to match. We will definitely be returning, probably for date night.

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